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JCI Bangladesh to change society with youth

Sahinur Rahman
|  06 Sep 2018, 00:00 | Update : 06 Sep 2018, 13:04
JCI Bangladesh to change society with youth
Bangladesh is a potential country. The most shows potential wealth of this country is its emerging youth. Junior Chamber International - JCI Bangladesh, a youth organization, wants to change the society by utilizing this youth. The group is working in Bangladesh since independence with this target. The organization is currently doing various positive works through the network accross country and abroad. In its continuation, JCI Bangladesh is organizing a major workshop called 'Be The Change' in Capital’s Mohakhali on September 7, Friday.

On behalf of JCI Bangladesh's various activities, the organization’s National President Fayaz Atiqul Islam, National Vice President Mr. Erfan Haque and National Executive Vice President Irfan Islam have recently talked to RTV Online. Sahinur Rahman, senior newsroom editor of RTV Online took the interview.

RTV Online: First we would like to know about JCI and JCI Bangladesh.

JCI Bangladesh: Junior Chamber International - JCI is an international organization. Currently, JCI's activities are running in 120 countries around the world. It is primarily a non-profit based organization. The Organization has more than 200,000 young people in the world. Those who are 18 to 40 years old.

JCI formed in the United States of Missouri in 1915. It works for the global network of active young people and their development. JCI is basically a chamber organization of young businessmen, entrepreneurs and professionals. Currently the organization has 5000 communities. It is known in Bangladesh as JCI Bangladesh. Bangladesh got the position of member of this organization in 1971.

RTV Online: How is JCI changing society with young people?

JCI Bangladesh: Here, young people from the country and abroad are working through a powerful network. The organization works in positive social change.

JCI mainly works with its members or outside youth. But firstly It keeps the importance on their own members. The organization has some programs. Such as International Training, which organizes courses and enhances the skills of the members. JCI Bangladesh is a Leadership Platform. JCI offers training and workshops on various topics including Professional, Interpreter. But it must be Youth backgrounded.

The organization provides international recognition to 10 young people all over the world. JCI operates around 500 projects worldwide, under the sustainable development targets announced by the JCI US. JCI works in the social development and sustainable development of young people of Bangladesh. About 70 percent of the current population of Bangladesh is young. So our responsibility is to transform these young people into active citizens. Because they will lead the next day. Through this organization, working with government / non-governmental organizations related to the delivery of citizen services to the poorer people of the society, creating a young entrepreneur and facilitating their facilities is a part of our activities.

As it is presumed, someone wants to establish a school. But it is not possible for him to do it alone. In this case, JCI creates a platform for collaboration with related stakeholders; Build the network.

JCI's training is usually on shelf development. The organization also has some community-based programs - such as Healthcare, Leadership, Communication, Education, Hygiene, Road Traffic Earnes.

JCI makes such a variety of events that create awareness in society. Such as giving a message to the youth about an issue. Make them motivating, socially oriented.

For example, in the beginning of this year, the organization united successful young entrepreneurs in a variety of events through an event. On the ceremony, there are various issues related to the success. Through different stories of successes come up here. The organization also organizes fruitful discussions with young people's budget ideas every year.

RTV Online: Tell us about 'Be The Change', which will be held on September 7.

JCI Bangladesh: Junior Chamber International Bangladesh is organizing the biggest workshop in 2018. In where 12 successful people will narrate the story of their dreams and to fulfill their dreams. Besides, what they are playing in the leading role in society will also come out.

The workshop will be held on Friday 7th September at the RAWA Convention Helmet Hall in Mohakhali. For the first time at that ceremony, JCI has organized curriculum vitae (CV) collections. There are also raffle draws for the participants.

RTV Online: I will ask you how to become a member of JCI Bangladesh?

JCI Bangladesh: Being a member is very easy. Interest Persons have to communicate through those who are members. Membership is available on the basis of their recommendation. But the age is the subject matter. Being a member of JCI, he must be 18 to 40 years old. JCI has 14 chapters in Bangladesh. Members are included through them. Those chapters work locally. They mainly provide training on various topics, work in community development. You can be a member of that chapter with an annual fee.

RTV Online: Thanks to JCI Bangladesh for giving important time.

JCI Bangladesh: Thanks to RTV Online.

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