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Moulvibazar inundated as Monu protection dyke collapse

Staff Reporter, Moulvibazar
|  17 Jun 2018, 00:00 | Update : 17 Jun 2018, 19:19
Moulvibazar inundated as Monu protection dyke collapse
Areas under Moulvibazar district such as Baroikona, Sirampur, Kochar Mohol, Ghoroya, Hilalpur and Jugidor including municipal areas Borohat, Darok were inundated as the protection dyke over the river Monu collapsed.

Most of the areas from Shahbondor to Kusumbag petrol pump were inundated. Flood water entered into the homes and people took shelter in higher places. Army, police, fire service and local administration are working on to control the situation.

But the Water Development Board said that there is less possibility of flood in the main portion of the town.

The Monu protection embankment collapsed at Baroikona point of the town at around 2 am on Saturday. Flood water entered in the adjacent areas sharply.

Meanwhile, in the river erosion affected areas army, police, fire service and local administration staffs were working on to face the flood situation. Being panicked the inhabitants were taking away their belongings to the safer places. Electricity supply was remained cut off from the areas.

Moulvibazar Water Development Board Executive Engineer Ranendra Shankar Chakraborty said, the collapse created in different parts of the embankment after cracks. We including army personnel tried to prevent the flow of water by putting sacks but failed as the force was severe. But the water that at present entering into the area may not be inundated the main town.  


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