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I have no information about money laundering: Finance Minister

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|  07 Jun 2021, 19:33
I have no information about money laundering: Finance Minister
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Finance Minister AHM Mustafa Kamal said, I have no information regarding the money launderers. If somebody has the names then deliver it to us ‍and that will make our task easier.

His comments came in following remarks of the opposition lawmakers who alleged that country’s money is being laundered while participating the discussion on supplementary budget on Monday.

Upholding government’s active role to prevent money laundering the finance minister said, still a number of money launderers are in jail. Their trials are going on. Earlier huge money were laundered but at the moment that kind tendency is not prevailing.

Mustafa Kamal said, to stop this 15 laws will come into light within six to twelve months. I personally do not know how it happens. Even do not know who does this. This happens due to unskilled and ineffective management. We will do our work for reformation.

Earlier, BNP lawmaker Rumeen Farhana and JP lawmaker Kazi Feroz Rashid spoke about money laundering taking floor in the parliament.

JP parliament member Kazi Feroz Rashid said, finance minister’s leadership in finance sector is appropriate. But dominance is weak. There is no dominance in banking sector. It will happen openly in absence of dominance. Director of one bank is taking away money from another bank. Then they are laundering money by ‘hundi’.

Member of Parliament Rumeen Farhana said, when Awami League comes to power, the share market of the country goes down. It lied down in 1996 and in 2009. The then finance minister said that he did not understand share market. Share market is a market of speculations. The then finance minister spoke clearly even against the party.


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