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Bangladesh gives explanation over floating Rohingyas

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|  25 Feb 2021, 21:04
Bangladesh gives explanation over floating Rohingyas
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Bangladesh government has given explanation over the BBC report of floating Rohingyas on Andaman Sea. The explanation was given by the foreign ministry on Thursday.

The foreign ministry said, recently a BBC report titled ‘Rohingya crisis: UN urges to rescue the floating Rohingyas on sea’ has caught the notice of Bangladesh government.

In this report it was wrongly mentioned and claimed that Rohingyas were towards Bangladesh coast.

On the other hand it was clearly mentioned in the UNHCR and UN press release that the boat was on the Andaman Sea. The UN notice clearly mentioned about the Andaman Sea.

The floating boat on the Andaman was about 1,700 km far from Bangladesh, 492 km from Myanmar, 363 km from Thailand, 281 km from Indonesia and 141 km far from India. The boat was floating far away from Bangladesh water territory. It was also nearer to other countries’ water territories.

The foreign ministry also said, Bangladesh is respectful to its international responsibility. In the past when other countries denied of taking the floating Rohingyas, at that time Bangladesh government came forward to save them. Now other countries should bear the responsibility as the boat is floating nearer to them. Bangladesh also thinks that these countries should obey the international laws and also should share the burden of Rohingyas.


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