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‘Europe returnees have to stay in 7 days mandatory quarantine’

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|  23 Dec 2020, 17:32
‘Europe returnees have to stay in 7 days mandatory quarantine’
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Health Minister Zahid Maleque said that if the passengers arriving from United Kingdom fail to show negative certificates for coronavirus sample tests then they will have to stay for seven days mandatory quarantine.

He said this at the inaugural ceremony of ‘Gene expert machine and mobile laboratory’ at the Ashkona Hajj Camp in the capital on Wednesday morning.

The Health Minister said, the precautionary measures have been taken so that the new strain of coronavirus traced in the United Kingdom cannot spread in Bangladesh.

He said, we have the ability to face the coronavirus and it has been enhanced further through inaugurating new laboratories.

Zahid Maleque said, earlier passengers back from Europe used to stay for three days quarantine and also corona tests were performed for them. As new strain of coronavirus has been traced in Europe so will keep those passengers in seven days quarantine instead of three days.

He said, corona infections are rising in Europe, America and India but we have been able to keep it in control. As coronavisrus is under control, so peaceful situation is prevailing and we are passing our lives in discipline. Economy of the country is in good shape and major export sector- garments is in operation.

The minister said, yet no situation has been created in the country for lockdown. We have adequate hospital beds and we will increase the number if needed.

He said, we are not in deficit of oxygen supply, as one of our oxygen factories is shut at the moment, so we have continued oxygen import from India. It will continue until our oxygen factory goes in operation.


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