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Corruption decreases over last 5 yrs but expands everywhere: ACC

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|  29 Nov 2020, 22:16
Corruption decreases over last 5 yrs but expands everywhere: ACC
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Corruption has decreased in the country over the last five years but its expansion remains everywhere. Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) Chairman Iqbal Mahmud said this in a reaction over the report of ‘Global corruption barometer Asia 2020’ performed by Transparency International on Sunday.

Through video conference he said, corruption exists not only in government sector, it has expanded everywhere. There is no doubt. There are problems, corruption. We are very strict about corruption and commitment of the government is also strict. For that strictness corruption has decreased a little bit, it is my personal opinion.

While delivering his comment about the report of Transparency International the ACC Chairman said, ACC always reviews this kind of report with much importance. We have not reviewed the report in a full-fledged way. 86 per cent people of the country expressed their confidence on ACC. I think, with this information ACC’s responsibility has increased. We have to sustain this confidence. ACC has to play its responsibility continuously with transparency and accountability. There is no alternative to identify, investigation and prosecution in a proper way to implement peoples’ desire.

Iqbal Mahmud said, we have to reach the message to the corrupt people that one has to face the law if he commits corruption. He has to get strict punishment. Nobody can avoid it in the country or abroad. ACC will trace him, no matter what identity he holds varying from personal, social, religious or other identities. I can firmly say that over the last five years we tried to fulfill peoples’ desire through our performance. Person was not principal matter to us. We paid emphasize on types of crimes, expansion and the existing law and regulations. We have tried to perform our responsibility to trace the criminals so that no public harassment occurs.


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