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Additional army deployment on border: Myanmar’s new trick

Khan Alamin, Rtv news
|  20 Sep 2020, 19:32
Additional army deployment on border: Myanmar’s new trick
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After deposition of confessional statement by two former army personnel of Myanmar over Rohingya genocide, experts think that by deploying additional members of army on border Myanmar wants to divert the situation. They also think that Bangladesh should take a strong stance about the matter. Experts also suggest for facing Myanmar diplomatically and politically by avoiding war.

In the early morning of Friday last Myanmar deployed more than one thousand soldiers at three points of Rakhine state alongside the international border. After that Rohingya issue again has come into the discussion.

Some days ago two Myanmar soldiers delivered confessional statement before the international court about genocide in Rakhine. Experts are saying that deployment of army on border may be a new trick of Myanmar to divert the situation.

In this regard former foreign secretary Towhid Hossain said, it is a new trick of Myanmar to divert attention of the people. Myanmar wants to hide the matter of confessional statement of two of its soldiers about Rakhine genocide by initiating conflict.

He said, currently Myanmar army want to drive out 5 to 6 lakh Rohingyas living in their country. They will be glad to do that. So, we have to take a strong stand.

Foreign affairs expert Professor Shahab Enam Khan said, may be the outer world will not see this type of conspiracy or interest normally. Bangladesh always believes in solving problems in peaceful way and for that it will solve the matter politically or diplomatically.

To save their lives from repression and mass killing in Rakhine state around seven lakh Rohingya people left the motherland and took shelter at Cox’s Bazar district in Bangladesh in 2017 where three lakh Rohingyas were living from earlier. Still there are around five lakh Rohingya people living in Myanmar.

Over the recent border situation Bangladesh already summoned the Myanmar ambassador and expressed concern. Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) members are also on alert alongside the Myanmar border.


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