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Titas probe report: Electric spark caused N'ganj gas explosion

Narayanganj Correspondent
|  09 Sep 2020, 23:03 | Update : 10 Sep 2020, 10:57
Titas probe report: Electric spark caused N'ganj gas explosion
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The probe report has been completed in connection with the explosion at Baitus Salat Jame Mosque at Paschim Talla area in Narayanganj. On Wednesday evening probe committee chief Abdul Wahab told RTV that soil was excavated around the mosque. Six leakages were found on a gas supply pipeline to the north side. One pillar was installed beside the pipeline while erecting the mosque. In the primary investigation it was seen that the leakages on the pipe were created due to the hit of the pillar.

He also said, there were two electric connections in the mosque. Of those one was illegal. On that particular day somebody pushed the switch that caused spark and gas explosion.

Abdul Wahab said, the leakages were found under the column number four in the north side. While constructing the foundation it grabbed six inches area centering the gas pipeline. They have constructed the foundation over the pipeline. While doing this our wrapping of pipe damaged. Later after getting touch with the soil for long leakages were created. We have not found any other leakage or wrapping damage in and around the mosque. The pipeline was installed in the 90s.

In this regard quoting the mosque committee president Abdul Wahab also said, of the existing two lines of the mosque one was legal and another was illegal. They took the second line for electricity supply in the time of load shedding without permission from DPDC.

Basically the gas explosion happened due to the electric spark while changing the electricity line. He said, our physical investigation has completed and the written report will be completed by tomorrow.


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