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Wage disparity in RMG sector to be removed in one month: Tipu Munshi

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|  09 Jan 2019, 00:00 | Update : 09 Jan 2019, 17:06
Wage disparity in RMG sector to be removed in one month: Tipu Munshi
Commerce Minister Tipu Munshi said it will take one month to resolve the inconsistency of the new pay structure for the garment sector workers.

A committee has already been formed to remove the disparity in the pay scale, he told the journalists at an emergency press conference in the conference room of the Commerce Ministry on Wednesday.

The workers of garment sector are continuing protests, blocking different roads in the capital, demanding the increase and implementation of the minimum wage structure.

Under the circumstances, over one hundred factories have been declared shutdown in different areas of Gazipur to avert untoward situation.

The minister said if any worker gets money which is less than his salary due to the new pay structure, then it will be adjusted with his next month's salary.

A committee comprising five members of labour organisations and five members of the owners, the secretary of Commerce Ministry, the secretary of Labour Ministry will work to remove the inconsistency of the new pay structure.

“After receiving the report of this committee, there will be no problem with the workers' wages,” the minister said.

He also called upon the workers to pay attention on their work.

Tipu Munshi said that it takes a little time to implement any issues that are new. If the new pay structure is implemented, then the existing problem will be overcome.

During this type of movement, outsiders often enter to it to take advantage, said Munshi adding that the government is strictly monitoring the situation.



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