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Prime Minister gets the income tax identity card

rtvonline desk
|  ১৩ নভেম্বর ২০১৭, ২২:৪২
National Board of Revenue-NBR Chairman Md. Nazibur Rahman handed over the ‘Income Tax Identity Card’ to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

The NBR Chairman handed over the card to the Prime Minister before starting the cabinet meeting on Monday. He greeted the Prime Minister as a regular tax payer of NBR at that time.

In the program Nazibur Rahman said to the premier that the Revenue Board has taken several innovative initiatives in the continuous process of establishing a revenue friendly environment in the country. Under the programs there are- income tax fair, income tax day, income tax week, income tax camp, revenue halkhata, reaching revenue service at the grass root level through Union Digital Centers, revenue dialogue, tax teaching forum, social media dialogue, face book page, feedback mail and others.

NBR Chairman said, different innovative concepts are being taken every year. The innovation of this time ‘Income Tax ID Card’ was introduced using the database of National Identity Card aiming to build a digital Bangladesh. The tax payers have given huge response to the card in the week long income tax fair. In the fair 91 thousand 252 tax payers received the cards. The card is also available in every tax zone office and all the tax payers of the country will get it gradually.

He said, by accepting the cards the tax payers expressed their partnership role. Several ministers, state ministers, members of parliament, cabinet secretary, principal secretary, principal coordinator, senior secretaries of different ministries, secretaries and high officials received the cards.

Revenue Board said, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina paid an exemplary instance by paying income tax from 1982-83 tax year. For this she was greeted with a recognition plate by NBR. The Prime Minister praised the activities of NBR after getting the card.

NBR sources said, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina paid 14 lakh taka to state exchequer while submitting return in 2015-16 tax year from her income source of agriculture, salary, salary allowance and house rent. The premier paid more than 14 lakh taka taxes over her income of 40 lakh taka. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina submits her tax return regularly under Dhaka Tax Zone 6.  


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