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One year more time for Smart Card distribution

Rtv online desk
|  ০৭ ডিসেম্বর ২০১৭, ১৭:২১
Government has planned to increase time for providing Smart Cards to the voters for one year. The tenure of ongoing World Bank financed project Identification System for Enhance Access to Services (IDEA) is going to be concluded in December. The World Bank is not willing to increase the project duration. But the duration is going to be extended for one year with government financing.

While talking over the matter Project Director and NID DG Brigadier General Mohammad Saidul Islam said to the newsmen, the agreement with World Bank will end in the current month. By this time the government is agreed to increase the project duration for one year. Following the assurance of government financing EC has begun its work with new inspiration. As part of this the National Identity Registration Wing has emphasized on Smart Card production and distribution. At present Smart Card distribution process is going on in 37 districts.

Earlier agreement was signed with World Bank for delivering Smart Cards to 9 crore voters. But EC was not able to distribute those following failure of Oberthur Technologies of France. After cancellation of the agreement with French company Smart Card production process is going on with own managerial effort.

NID DG said, no financial loss will occur for increasing the project duration. Rather, 401 crore taka of this project can be saved in different way. Many difficulties are going to be ended as government agreed to increase the expenditure and duration for continuation of the project.

He said that 10 crore 60 lakh voters will get Smart Cards by 31st December, 2018.


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